Established in 2005 with a few horses, some chickens and one old goat (no, not Michael). We quickly realized that horses never stop eating and that old goat…well, he just stunk up the place!  Several of Michael’s friends raise commercial Angus cattle and he thought we should give cattle a try. However, always wanting to be different, he decided we should try some “real” cattle.
We started what is now Pine Apple Longhorns in 2006 when we made one of the best trades in our lives. We traded four grade quarter horses for one registered and three grade Longhorns, all of which had calves at their side. We became members of TLBAA with our one cow and, like everyone else, we fell in love with the Longhorn breed.

Now here we are three years later and are proud owners of 12 registered Texas Longhorns. Over these years we have met many fine Longhorn breeders and made some really good friends! With the help of those friends and their advice, we continue to try to improve our herd.

We are located in Pine Apple, Alabama (20 miles west of Greenville, Alabama on Alabama State Highway 10). We’re always looking to meet other Longhorn breeders. If you’re ever in our area, give us a call or come by have a glass of sweet tea, and let’s talk Longhorns!
Pine Apple Longhorns
Michael  Sessions
19166 Highway 10 East
Pine Apple, AL 36768
251-746-2600 home
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We are proud lifetime members of
Texas Longhorn Breeders Association of America
and its affiliate,
Southeastern Texas Longhorn Association