Greetings from Oak Grove Longhorns.
We are located on the East side of Tallahassee, Florida. Exit I-10 at 209B. About 7 miles down Hwy 90 you will make a right turn on Baum Rd. and a left on Turkey Roost Rd. About a mile down the road you will see our Texas longhorn sign and you will spot the “girls” in one of our fields.

After retiring from an extensive career of coaching football at Florida State University, we stepped up to the plate and opted to launch a new career in the cattle business. What could be more exciting than raising unique Texas longhorn cattle? Each has its own color combination and its individual personality. Every day we are reminded how special each cow is. The babies define the word “frolic” as they run and kick and play together in the field. The mothers show their God-given instinct as they lick their new babies and assist them as they stand up for the first time. We never tire of watching the mothers take a step or two back when the calf tries to nurse and mom steps just far enough away to encourage her baby to stand and step just a little bit farther in order to help it become stronger.

To see this docile breed of cattle and to determine whether you would like to start your own herd of Texas longhorns, please contact us.

Jim and Patty Gladden
11345 Turkey Roost Road
Tallahassee, Fl. 32317
850 509-8923 c
850 877-9713 h