SETLA is an affiliate of the Texas Longhorn Breeders Association of America and was founded in 1983 by a small group of breeders east of the Mississippi who found a common love for the Longhorn breed. Today, the Association has 40 members in three states. Our members include hobby breeders, as well as serious breeders who have made raising Longhorns their business. We invite you to become part of our organization and experience the excitement of this magnificent breed.
We also schedule field days and ranch tours each year which provide the opportunity to see how fellow breeders operate their programs and to provide education and support for the Longhorn breeder. It is a great opportunity to enjoy fellowship with old friends and make new friends in the Longhorn industry!

Texas Longhorn Cattle

The descendant of hardy Spanish cattle, the Texas Longhorn can thrive in country where no other breed can live; subsist on weeds, cactus and brush; range days away from water; and stay fit and fertile whether it’s living in the scorching, parasite-infested tropics or in the arid, subzero winters of Montana.
The leaner Longhorn beef was not as attractive in an era where tallow was highly prized, and the Longhorn's ability to survive on often poor vegetation of the open range was no longer as much of an issue. Other breeds demonstrated traits more highly valued by the modern rancher, such as the ability to put on weight quickly and not have horns long enough to gouge people. The Texas Longhorn stock slowly dwindled, until in 1927 the breed was saved from almost certain extinction by enthusiasts from the United States Forest Service, who collected a small herd of stock to breed on a refuge in Oklahoma. A few years later, J. Frank Dobie and others gathered small herds to keep in Texas state parks. They were cared for largely as curiosities, but the stock's longevity, resistance to disease and ability to thrive on marginal pastures quickly revived the breed as beef stock. Today, the breed is still used as a beef stock, though many Texas ranchers keep herds purely because of their link to Texas history.
In other parts of North America this breed is used for much more. Longhorn cattle have a strong survival instinct and can find food and shelter during times of rough weather. Longhorn calves are very tough and can stand up sooner after birth than other breeds. Longhorn cattle can breed for a long time, well into their teens. There have been cows that have bred for up to thirty years. Some ranchers keep Longhorns for their easy calving. A Longhorn cow will often go off on her own to a safe place to have the calf then bring it home. They are also known to hide their calves in safe places to avoid predation, sometimes causing difficulty for ranchers, who may need to work on the animal.


Previous events



NS HORNS (NEAL & STANN MARAMAN), 3945 Robert C Ham Rd, Montgomery

SETLA is excited to announce the inaugural People’s Choice Futurity! This totally unique futurity will be judged by SETLA Members and will allow you to show off your best longhorn heifers!

The winner of each class will be awarded a gorgeous black powder revolver! This replica of the 1851 Navy is a .44 cal, engraved, nickel Revolver by Traditions Performance Firearms! The 1851 Navy was said to have expanded the west and was known to be one of gunfighter “Wild Bill” Hickok’s favorite handguns.

Cattle will arrive between 10-12 and judging will start at noon followed by Cow Patty Bingo, a Chili Cook-Off with prizes and the announcement of the futurity winners! Even if you don’t bring a cow, come and join us for a day of longhorn fellowship and fun.

Each paid member gets 1 entry free! Be sure to follow us on FaceBook to keep up to date on the People’s Choice Futurity happenings. If your not a member, but would like to enter a heifer, please fill out the membership application along with your entry form. Forms and fees must be received by Friday November 6, 2020, so send in your entry now to be part of this fun event!

Satellite Horn Showcase Measuring

NS Horns (Neal & Stann Maraman), 3945 Robert C Ham Rd, Montgomery

The Horn Showcase is the only official horn measuring event in the Texas Longhorn Industry! It will be held 10/1 through 10/3 in Lawton, OK but you can come to Montgomery Alabama and bring your cows on 9/26/20 to be measured. Entries must be postmarked by 9/4/20 and forms can be found at Even if your not bringing a cow please join us for the measuring, amazing smoked brisket and fellowship. Just bring a lawn chair, side dish and your love of longhorns!